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Sunday, February 28, 2010

WOW today is different!

It's been ten years ago this week I moved from the East Coast, Delaware specifically to the sunny state of Arizona.

I was newly divorced and filled with great hope for what the future might hold for me. Just my son and I again...
I say again because prior to my marriage I was a single mother to him for five years and now he was on the verge of turning nine and I would once again be a single mother.

As I mentioned it was the end of February and the East Coast was getting hammered by snow storms every few days.. Oddly kind of like whats happening now.
I kept getting stranded in my house with my ex-husband because of the snow. When I got to AZ and finally got settled in it was March and everyday the sun shined.. EVERYDAY! I used to wake up in the morning roll over, stare at the window and say "Oh look another sunny day!" I loved it.

When I got here I certainly had no intention of getting into a relationship let alone getting married, however that's just what happened. Some of you have read The Story of the Wookies, many of you haven't. I encourage you to read it if you get the time. It's quite entertaining.
Here are the last 10 yrs in a nut shell:
I got married, had two more kids... picked up a step son along the way.
Worked, got promoted.
Worked, got promoted again and worked some more.
Got involved in 12 step recovery, obtained a lot of sponsee's (13 right now to be exact).
Started reading.. excessively.
Found twitter thanks to a new and now great friend and...I started writing.

I have no idea where I am going with this...honestly. I started it several days ago and I can't remember why... Ahhh yes! The last 10 years...okay.

Well the last ten years have been full! VERY FULL! So much has happened in my life and so much has changed. Hell, in the last year things have changed dramatically.
For 9yrs I had a perfect marriage... Now? Hmm... It's in transition-a state of flux maybe? Is that even a word? I struggle now in my recovery program... I struggle to stay in my chair and keep myself attending. Thank God I have 13 sponsee's that I am accountable to otherwise I might not still be there.
See what I mean? Change...
My point is that things are changing.. always changing in my life and usually rapidly. It's frustrating though. I can't see the outcome of course and I want to know what will happen... I have this insatiable desire to know...and to be right! I love to be right. People around me don't necessarily appreciate my desire to know or to be right for that matter.

Writing has become a HUGE part of my everyday life and the reading continues to be as well.
I write poetry.. Me? What? Are you freaking kidding me?
Nope... Who would have thought.. sure as hell not me.
It started like most new things do for me... accidentally. Occasionally I write a blog like this one... I have other "experiments in writing" that I play with. Will I ever be a great writer? I doubt it... I have resisted even referring to myself as a writer until recently. But... I will keep trying. I have many many MANY wonderful people who have inspired me to write and to keep trying...

Because I am feeling obnoxious tonight I will name a few here:
My wonderful Husband @wookiestyle
My very good friends, my partners in crime... my witchsisters!
@jinxie_g and @werecat1
Jinxie was the first writer who ever let me beta read and she is solely responsible for getting me out on twitter! (Now you're thinking...maybe that's not such a good thing)
The friend I miss @shadowsinstone... she encouraged me to write and let me play with her characters on twitter for countless hours...Thanks Carrie. Miss you girl!
My Twitter Tag partner @corbsilverthorn who has become a very good friend and also a pain in the ass since he has pushed me the hardest most recently! Thanks Corbin.. No really.. really ... TAG! hehe

Okay and finally, and Jinx will roll her eyes at this...
I want to thank my Muse...
My muse like most muses is a pain in my ass and is wonderful all at the same time! He takes on many forms... He comes to me through conversations with others or through music... But no matter how he reveals himself to me, he's definitely taken up residence in my head and heart and he continues to whisper poetry to me... I love him dearly and now that I have him.. I'm not giving him up! LOL

I have no idea what the point was of this and really, do I have to have a point? That's why I created this blog "...but I digress" It's where I get to... Digress I suppose.

Tomorrow I have surgery! A self imposed elective surgery... WHY? Because I am vain and I want to look good naked!

Maybe I'll tell you all about that in my next post... Until then have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do...Yeah I know, that doesn't leave much does it?

WookiesGirl *kisses*