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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shut The F*ck Up And Write...

Stop trying to plan the perfect plot.
Stop brooding over the mistakes in your last short story or book.
Stop pretending you're working it all out in your head.
Stop waiting for the muse to strike.
Stop making excuses about all you have to do and that you simply have no time.
Stop pinning, tweeting, facebooking and texting.
And, for the love of GOD stop watching TV.
Be daring enough to lose sleep in order to follow your dream.
Be brave enough to try.
Forget the dishes, dusting and vacuuming.

One word at a time turns into one paragraph at a time and then all of the sudden you have a chapter written.
The only thing that's acceptable to be doing while not writing is reading.

You wanted this didn't you?
Yes, you did.

So, shut the fuck up and write!

Love you, 
Dorothy aka WookiesGirl

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